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Chinese Medicine is commonly used in treatments of seasonal, food, animal and environmental allergies.

Seasonal allergies respond very well to acupuncture treatments.  They can be addressed during an allergy season or preventatively by beginning treatment one to three months before the season starts. Accompanying sinus pressure, recurring sinus infections, pain and other symptoms are addressed effectively reducing or eliminating the need for the antibiotics and allergy medications. This is, of course done with the cooperation of your physician.

Food sensitivities also respond very well to acupuncture treatments.   Mild food sensitivities can be addressed with acupuncture treatments that help to regulate the liver, gall bladder and colon functions. Strong food allergies are more complex and may have to do with chemical or metabolic imbalance that needs to be carefully treated by medical professionals.

Some of the very severe chemical sensitivities and allergies are often due to toxic overload by strong exposure to heavy metals and they need to be addressed not only by acupuncture and herbal medicine but also specific nutritional protocols.

In the treatment of all kinds of allergies, specific dietary protocols are very valuable and compliance to these protocols greatly influences the success of the treatment.

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