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About Us

Dr. Edward Zullo
Nationally Certified and State Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Chiropractor. Meditation instructor.
Phone: 609-439-8138

After receiving an undergraduate degree in Physical Education from Manhattan College in New York City, Dr. Zullo spent four years as an officer in the Marine Corps.  He graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in New Mexico.

Dr. Zullo has been practicing for over 20 years. Originally a chiropractor, he now practices acupuncture and herbology almost exclusively but will call upon his training in chiropractic and cranio-sacral therapy when he feels it would benefit the patient. He has also received teacher training in yoga, breath therapy and meditation.

“Healing or moving toward wholeness can and usually is a complex and challenging path that requires the involvement of the individual seeking healing. Changes one makes in lifestyle for instance don’t occur in a vacuum, rather some shift at the core of the individuals being, great or small, need to occur to allow old unhealthy habitual patterns to dissolve and the movement toward a more authentic and balanced person to emerge. It is a shift that moves us in a direction that to a greater or lesser degree effects our entire life. You begin to discover who you really are.

It wasn’t until after I received my first acupuncture treatment that I began shifting away from the negative habits that had been an obstacle for me for so long. Within six months my life was very different on both the inner and outer level. The acupuncture treatments I received gave me a glimpse of another way of being. I decided that I wanted to be that. Eventually, I wanted to share that. I learned that the experiencing and the sharing are but one path.

Pain and illness–especially long term chronic conditions– don’t necessarily require sweeping changes but on some level the decision needs to be made that “I want to heal and am going to take the steps necessary to make it happen.” Once that decision is made, really made from ones depths, the true process of healing can begin.

I’ve devoted my life to helping people to heal and to enter the path toward wholeness. The methods I offer include acupuncture and herbal medicine, diet and exercise, yoga, breath work and meditation. These are the practices that I have benefitted from and I have been trained to teach them to help you in your journey toward wholeness.”


“The fibromyalgia pain throughout my body, combined with ten medications from my doctors, kept me sitting in a chair for three years.

I learned of Dr. Zullo from a patient he treated for the same illness who had success in alleviating a lot of her pain with acupuncture.

With the help of Dr. Zullo, I have cut my medications in half, and live much fuller life now than I thought could be possible.”

 –  Barbara A., NJ


“I have been going for a couple of months to Dr. Edward Zullo for pain relieve and relaxation techniques.  In short period of time, I have seen remarkable results with his treatment of me.

I find him to be very caring and supportive individual, and I would very highly recommend his treatment techniques.

I have much less pain than I formerly had, and I have been learning to relax my mind more.

I wish I had found him earlier.  I recommend him highly”

  –  Roseann A., NJ


 “I have been treated by Dr. Zullo for many years.  I come to see him for general health maintenance, stress reduction and for treatment of pain due to sports injuries and car accident.

Dr. Zullo’s treatments help me reduce mental and emotional stress and fatigue as well as alleviate pain from injuries.  He has a wealth of information at his disposal and is always eager to share his knowledge with his patients.

Dr. Zullo is deeply dedicated to his profession and his patients and I would recommend him to anyone.

–  Anna Kathryn K., PA


“I first came to Ed because of persistent eye infection and after one treatment the problem never returned.  I felt very comfortable with Ed, he is skilled in his understanding of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and intuitive in his diagnosis which for me is the perfect combination.”

– Kate. A., NJ


“After years of suffering mid back pain and having had acupuncture from a number of practitioners, one of them an Asian M.D., I was referred to Ed Zullo.  He was able to relieve the pain after two months of going twice a week.  I now go back for sessions if I feel any twinges.  I can’t say enough about how helpful he has been to my health and wellbeing.  I have also had him successfully treat a bum knee and various other ailments.

I had the successful experience of meeting Anna Kwiecinski whilst Ed Zullo was away for a few weeks.  I now feel comfortable seeing either of them for acupuncture.  Anna is very intuitive and has been very helpful for a sore right hip along with other pains.”

 – Sherry L. B., New Hope, PA

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