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Dietary Consultations

Healing thru proper nutrition is an integral part of Chinese Medicine and natural healing. There is an entire system of food cures available in Oriental Medicine. This system of ancient knowledge equips us with tools to help or cure simple ailments like hangover and common cold as well as more serious conditions like hypertension, diabetes and gastric ulcers. The cells of our body are replaced on an ongoing basis and this requires the nutrition supplied by the food we eat. It stands to reason that any condition in the body can be healed by diet therapy.

Food has five tastes (sweet, sour, pungent, bitter and salty), five energetic qualities (cooling, warming, hot, cold and neutral), and four directions of energy movement (upward, downward, inward and outward). These energetic qualities of foods act on our individual constitution. Knowing the different energetic qualities of foods helps us establish an ideal dietary regimen for healing particular problems as well as creating balance and overall health.

Food is medicine. Our dietary and social habits have a direct impact on our health. They can make our symptoms and quality of life better or worse. Western Medicine, as a whole, has been slow to support the importance of food in healing but now it is from the research initiated by western medical professionals that has validated what traditional healing systems, including Chinese Medicine, has been saying for thousands of years. For example, modern scientific research has found a direct connection between consumption of milk products and developing breast cancer. Dairy products also adversely affect conditions like: acne, sinusitis, some allergies, tumors, and cysts in any area of the body. The destructive effect of sugar and refined carbohydrates on many systems of the body including the immune, digestive and nervous systems are now widely accepted throughout the western medical community.

In our practice, we share with our patients our knowledge in Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, raw food diet and other carefully selected dietary regimens to support and enhance healing. We are commited to educating and informing our patients about the different ways food and diet affect our long-term health and recovery.

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