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The concept of prevention is well known to all traditional medical systems and Oriental Medicine among them. I want to make a strong point that Oriental Medicine is one of the traditional healing systems that is TRULY EQUIPPED to render preventive care.  There is a need here for the important and clear distinction.   We commonly assume that cancer screening, colonoscopy, variety of sophisticated blood tests and more are all part of prevention.  They are very impressive and very useful medical tools but they are not about prevention.  They are about EARLY DETECTION.  This means you can catch the problem early and act on it early.  The point here is that you already got the problem!  It is better not to get it at the first place and not to get it means to know what to do to prevent it from occurring.  It means to know where our choices are leading us and know how to protect ourselves from the danger of ignorance.

Oriental Medicine has both – diagnostic skills to see the unfolding of pathology – namely pulse diagnosis and the tools to help re-balance the body – mainly acupuncture but often combined with herbs, nutrition and Qigong exercise.   (To find out more please refer to our article: “Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – true prevention and life-style”) .


Most commonly done preventive treatments in our clinic are:


  • treatments for seasonal allergies

  • pre and post operative acupuncture treatments

  • immune boosting prior to flue season

  • stress reduction and relaxation treatments prior to important life events such as wedding, exams, etc.

  • preparation for the sports event (competition, marathon)

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