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Shiatsu is a hands on Japanese style of body therapy that is based on the energetic principles of the acupuncture meridians. Simple yet powerful, shiatsu promotes health, prevents disease, and nourishes the body and mind. It is an excellent tool for stress reduction and self-cultivation.


Pressure is applied with thumbs or palms (sometimes knees and elbows) to the surface of the body to stimulate the flow of vital energy or qi in the recipient’s body.  This improves circulation of blood and lymph and contributes to a better functioning immune system and nervous system.

Since both immune and nervous systems control many other body systems and various physiological functions, the benefits of shiatsu extend beyond the comfort of touch and relaxation, which can be addressed by other forms of body therapy or massage.

Body-work therapy and massage are fundamental branches of Chinese Medicine along with acupuncture, herbs and Medical Qi Gong exercises. Touch and physical manipulation coach the body towards better structural and energetic alignment. Manual intervention has a more broad effect on the body and is very nurturing for structural and internal problems.

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