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Stress & Emotions

You may have heard something about the sympathetic nervous system. It primes us for a fight or flight by dumping large amounts of hormones and neurotransmitters into the blood stream to help us survive the threat. Our ancestors only called upon it in extreme conditions whereas modern humans call on it much too often getting mini adrenal rushes all day long.  These adrenal rushes deplete energy, suppress immune function, disturb sleep and ultimately our ability to heal is severely compromised.  Prolonged adrenal overload leads to inability to relax and unwind.  Body becomes tight and rigid from constant demand for vigilance.  Blood remains circulating in the extremities and does not return back to the organs in some appreciable amounts.  Body organs are nourished by blood and if not enough blood circulates back to the organs their function is severely affected.  This is the reason for the stress to become a cause for serious health problems.  What makes things worse is that Sympathetic Nervous System is working nonstop and relaxation and good sleep are beginning to gradually diminish leaving the person exhausted and still not able to sleep and rest.

Influence of acupuncture on Nervous System is well known even to the most conservative minds.  Acupuncture is well known for its power to initiate the deep relaxation response.  During the deep relaxation, the Sympathetic Nervous System retreats and quiets down on the behalf of activated a Para Sympathetic branch of Nervous System, which is responsible for all autonomic, self-regulating processes in the body including self-healing.  Done on a regular basis especially during the time of high psycho-emotional stress, acupuncture provides great support for the patient by soothing the mind and giving the body a brake from constant tension and stress.  It protects what is still good and upright about our health from further diminishment due to stress.


Here are some stress related emotional issues that acupuncture can help:


  • insomnia

  • fatigue

  • nervousness

  • tension

  • PTSD

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • addiction

  • anger management

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